The Build Muscle Get Lean Body Transformation Program

Stop Losing Weight.
Lose FatBuild Muscle,  and Get Lean

Four images showing a body transformation from 177 pounds to 161 pounds.

You can easily lose weight. But the real question is, how do you want to look when you’re done? The Build Muscle Get Lean Body Transformation Program provides everything you need and teaches you all the details and specifics behind what it truly takes to transform your body into the lean look you’ve always wanted, while spending less than 1 hour in the gym—even if it’s at Planet Fitness.

Workouts + Meal Planning + How to Put it Together = Lifetime Results!

Born after my frustrations of the fitness industry, Build Muscle Get Lean is a complete program that answers all your question about how to get and STAY lean—all it takes is your commitment.

The program doesn’t sell supplements, magic pills, or shock devices. It simply shows you and equips you with all the necessary details required to safely and slowly transform yourself into a more muscular and leaner you.

You Can Transform Yourself!

When you join the program, you will learn how to become a leaner You and you will gain:

  • More confidence in the gym knowing exactly what you’re doing. You’ll no longer have to think about what does or doesn’t work.
  • More of your time back to do other things you enjoy. The program keep things simple. Perform a full workout, including cardio and resistance training, and leave the gym in less than an hour.
  • Knowledge about choosing the “right” foods that you’ll enjoy. Why sacrifice taste for gains? You can eat very similar foods, if not the same foods, with simple substitutions.
  • A plan that you can adjust and use for the rest of your life. This transformation isn’t something you do for just 90 days—it’s a start to knowing how to stay lean for the rest of your life. The program doesn’t just give you a fish, it teaches you how to fish—in an enjoyable way.
  • Verifiable and evidenced based information about fitness and nutrition. This isn’t anecdotal “bro science.” The program gives you knowledge you can pass on to help others in their life—a family member, a friend, whomever. Who knows, it may even motivate you to start your own fitness business.

Yes, It Really Is Possible!

In Build Muscle Get Lean, you’ll learn how to finally take control of your own health and fitness goals.

Coach Romeo with his short off showing his chest and lean 10% body fat physique.

In The Next 3 Months, You Could…

  • Have way more confidence in the gym and in yourself,
  • Have a more muscular physique,
  • And be much leaner

The right knowledge can make all the difference. Build Muscle Get Lean covers it all in this body transformation training program.

What’s Included in the Build Muscle Get Lean Program…

Build muscle, lose fat, get leaner, and get measurable results—I promise! If you follow the details in this program, your hard work will pay off!

Build Muscle Get Lean is a data-driven and results-based diet and training fitness program.

Get INSTANT access to the entire program including:

  • Immediate access to the Build Muscle Get Lean diet and resistance training program, which explains the how and the why behind how to build muscle and get lean.
  • An immediate action plan to put in place to start your journey today!
  • progressive overload, resistance-based training plan that puts muscle on your frame.
  • high protein, high volume, low-calorie cookbook with more than 25 different protein-packed meals you can quickly prepare at home or while traveling.
  • high protein, low calorie list of more than 15 go-to snacks you can use as a go to list when you’re looking for a few good options to help you “hit your numbers.” Why spend countless number of hours searching for these food items yourself?
  • App and Tool Resources—access to a list of the exact items I use in my kitchen and the apps I used—and still use—to keep me on track on my journey from 26% to 10% bodyfat.

Course Syllabus

This section gets you up and running and introduces you to the tools you’ll need throughout your journey.

In this section, we do a deep dive into calories and why they are important, despite what other fad diets want you to believe. In fact, calories are the secret to eating tasty foods. You’ll finish this section with a greater understanding of what it takes to truly lose weight, and how to do it without sacrificing all the foods you enjoy.

You’ll finish this section confidently knowing exactly what you’re doing in the gym and the goal that you’ll be shooting for—A goal that will keep you motivated to show up from week to week.

You’ll finish this section equipped with the tools and data you need to track your results and progress during your 90 day transformation. Remember, the outcome of this program is to give you measurable results.

In this module, you’ll learn “life hacks” to keep you on track. Like I said, body transformation are easy, it’s us that make them hard. These hacks make it them less hard.

Build Muscle Get Lean will teach you all the knowledge I applied and everything you need to know to build muscle, lose fat, and get leaner in a safe and sustainable manner. It covers:

  • The “life hack” that helps create better habits which will transform you into the person who goes to the gym because you love it and because “it’s just what you do.”
  • How to actually build muscle with a simple and effective resistance training program.
  • Not only what to eat, but how to eat, so you can make your own adjustments and decisions about what to put in your mouth. Stop letting other programs tell you “what to eat.”

When you simply shift what you know about getting leaner, you’ll finally begin enjoying your time in the gym.