Lose Fat. Build Muscle, and Get Lean!

Looking for a body transformation program? Build Muscle Get Lean’s body transformation program provides everything you need to lose fat and get lean while transforming your physique into a more muscular look—all while spending less than 1 hour per day in the gym. Guaranteed.

There’s only two rules you must follow to become a leaner version of yourself. Commit to the program and prove it to yourself!

6 month body transformation going from 176 pounds, 25% body fat to 161 pounds, 10% body fat.

If You're Already Working Out, Why Not Get Better Results?

You can’t lose weight or fat without the right nutrition habits, and it’s difficult to get the lean, toned, hard-body look you want if you don’t use resistance training. Many programs ignore these facts, and after you’ve completed them, you’re left wondering why you didn’t get the results you were after.

Build Muscle Get Lean’s body transformation program is different—it addresses both how to eat and and how to train—so you can achieve the body transformation you want.

I'm Coach Rome...

…and I’m on a mission to help people transform their bodies—without the need to buy useless fitness gadgets, unnecessary supplements, or incomplete fitness training programs.

Frustrated at incomplete training programs, the unregulated selling of useless fitness gadgets and butter-eating diets, I finally decided to create a program that gives people the complete picture about what it truly takes to not only lose weight but also how to safely build muscle, lose fat, and get lean at the same time.

Coach Romeo with his short off showing his chest and lean 10% body fat physique.

†Guaranteed Results

I can’t guarantee a specific result because everyone starts at a different place in their journey. However, I can guarantee that if you honestly follow the information in Build Muscle Get Lean’s body transformation program, you will lose fat and get leaner—It’s just how human physiology works.

As long as you commit to the program, getting leaner is not a matter of if, it’s only a matter of when.